KTM Adventure Tours: Alanya Tour - Experience the Taurus Mountains

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307A Alanya Tour - Taurus Mountains - Turkey's Paradise

An Enduro Tour in Turkey is a special experience. We ride through the much diversified Taurus Mountains. Almost nowhere else can you find such pure freedom with its endless firebreaks, tricky single trials and gravel roads up to 1500 meters. The 5-star hotel is located on a hill just off the Turkish Rivera, at the end of the Alanya bay. We leave straight from the hotel. Riding tips are a given and if requested, section trainings will be carried out. You can assign this tour as your own "El Dorado" whether you are an Enduro beginner, an experienced Enduro rider or an ambitious Erzberg tackler.


Suitable for RIDING ABILITY LEVEL 1+2+3

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Barbara Mayer
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