KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R 2018

BASE PRICE: 17.890,00 EUR

Ergonomics & Comfort

The powerful and cultivated engine enables either super-sporty propulsion or, when required, relaxed and comfortable riding – with every conceivable level in between. The chassis combines lightness with outstanding geometry and fantastic suspension, which, together with every feasible electronic riding aid, allow undreamed riding pleasure in all conditions and whatever speed you desire, from very relaxed to very, very fast.


The 20 mm wider handlebar has been positioned 5 mm lower and 18,5 mm more to the front, so you’re READY TO RACE all the time. » Handlebar: 22 mm adjustment range with four positions

Heated grip kit



Brake and gear shift lever: three positions for the gear shift & brake lever.

Footpegs system

Gear spacer kit

Side stand removal kit


Ergo seat

Pillion seat cover

Ergo pillion seat

Hand levers

Hand levers

Adjust the hand levers infinitely.

Clutch lever

Brake lever