TNT Race orange: Brünn

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Brünn / Czech Republic



  • Up to 2 days free practice under professional conditions, highest safety standards and in different riding groups (depends on the riders speed)
  • On request professional instructors will show you the right line and give you some important tips to improve your riding skills.
  • Opportunity for a test ride for free (selection of the latest KTM street models)
  • Rental bike on demand – for more information check the pdf file
  • Technical support for bikes of all brands
  • Tyre service with the latest Bridgestone tyres
  • Snacks & Drinks for free



You’ll find the temporary time schedule 2 weeks before the event starts




Track length:  5403 m
Track wide:  15 m
Number of turns: 8 right- and 6 lefthanders
Driving direction: clockwise



Fuel station:  Fuel station in the paddock
Sanitary facilities: Toilets and showers in the paddock
Restaurant:  Restaurant in the paddock
Number of pits: 27 pits (approx. 15 bikes per pit)
Rental price pit: 170 €/day, reservation at


  • Participation at a KTM TNT event is only possible with your own bike or a KTM rental bike.
  • The bike has to be in a proper technical condition.
  • Noise restrictions of the track have to be respected.
    Brno: open - no limit
  • Opportunity for a test ride for free (selection of the latest KTM street models)
  • Rental bike on demand – for more information check the pdf file


TNT CUP 2014 - date 09.-10.06.2014

At Brno there will be 2 races of the KTM TNT CUP 2014. Every rider, who has signed in for the TNT event, can sign in also for one of these races. The rider will be placed in the overall ranking for 2014 as well. Check out all information at the pdf file. Registration for the races is possible at the track.

Announcement TNT Cup 2014

SPRINT-RACE - date 06.-07.08.2014



Travelling and hotels have to be arranged by your self

Brünn / Czech Republic

Flying out of the pit lane, you hit the 180° bend at the end of the start/finish straight, which is taken with plenty of speed. Those who know Brno know that there's a bump in the track here. Since there's a slight incline at the exit from the curve, "straightening up early" is the order of the day for maintaining as much momentum as possible. The gentle left curve can be taken at full speed and makes no demands of the rider. The following left/right combination is steered into as late as possible, keeping to the left of the bump. Experts make use of the whole width of the track when accelerating out of this set of bends. You fly fully loaded into turn 4, braking on the outside. Pros straighten up in the 180° bend so that they can open up the throttle again; beginners take the curve in a wide arc. This section of the track is described by insiders as "Omega" .The next left is taken sharply, then the following left/right combination very late, straightening up early on the way out to maintain momentum onto the next straight. The right turn (beware the adverse camber!) at the end of the straight is negotiated again with plenty of speed, the track passing through a slight depression before entering the (left/right) chicane, through which the inside line is taken. Momentum is particularly important in this case, seeing as the chicane leads into an uphill stretch. Power, power and even more power is the magic formula here.